Meet the Team

Stacy Schroder

Stacy Schroder

Director of Wellness and Prevention

Joined Baird Wellness Center: 1998

B.S. in therapeutic recreation/rehabilitation, M.Ed. in health education with an emphasis athletic training, certified exercise physiologist, certified health promotion director, certified exercise and nutrition, certified ergonomic assessment specialist, certified wellness coach, conscious body method/motivational interviewing, holistic stress management instructor training certificate, First Aid/CPR/AED certified

Health education, nutrition, stress, meditation, spirituality and exercise

Prevention has always been my mindset. My passion is teaching individuals the art of living a happy and healthy disease-free life through lifestyle prevention strategies. It brings me joy to assist individuals in their life journey with how to honor their spirit, take time for themselves and reduce stress. I feel proud to assist our employees, residents and the surrounding community members in achieving and sustaining their personal wellness goals.

Ronald Stetler, Jr.

Ronald Stetler Jr.

Aquatic Coordinator

Joined Baird Wellness Center: 1999

B.S. in health sciences, certified pool/spa operator, certified exercise physiologist, aquatic fitness professional certification, American Red Cross lifeguard certification, First Aid/CPR/AED certified


It began when I started at Masonic Village over 30 years ago. My passion has always been in helping others, and in doing so, I feel I have grown in the different dimensions of wellness as well. I have felt proudest anytime a member has mentioned that what I showed them helped them in one way or another, such as when a personal training client needs the lift to enter the pool at first and then progresses to entering and exiting the pool via the steps.

Stephanie Geib

Stephanie Geib

Wellness Specialist

Joined Baird Wellness Center: 2004

Personal trainer certification, senior wellness Specialist, yoga certification, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, SilverSneakers™ Instructor, American Red Cross lifeguard certification, First Aid/CPR/AED certified, Wellness Coach

Strength training, balance and gait, functional movement and golf strengthening

I began this career instructing in a retirement community in Lititz and enjoyed helping the members become stronger and more balanced by exercising. I enjoy watching the progression with my clients and members of the classes I instruct. They are all an inspiration to me as to what I can continue to accomplish as I age myself. My personal wellness accomplishments include multiple medals and trophies for triathlons and running races.

Brooke Hoffsmith

Brooke Smoker

Wellness Specialist

Joined Baird Wellness Center: 2010

B.S. in recreation parks and tourism management, certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor , certified lifeguard, First Aid/CPR, certified in Delay the Disease, certified Silver Sneakers® Instructor, wellness coaching

Exercise with older adults, exercise and Parkinson’s disease and general exercise programs

I work two times per week with residents in the personal care area and Masonic Health Care Center, and I enjoy seeing them remain independent for longer periods of time. I also enjoy listening to their stories and accomplishments they’ve had during their lives. My personal wellness accomplishments have included making it to the final round of the Division 1 NCAA field hockey championship with Penn State in 2008, and in 2015, completing my first half marathon.

Lydia Kraft

Lydia Kraft

Wellness Specialist

Joined Baird Wellness Center: 2016

ISMA Certified Personal Trainer, AFPA Certified MS Fitness and Wellness Specialist and NETA Certified Yoga Instructor.

Neurodegenerative disorders, including multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, running programs, general fitness training and Yoga instructor.

Wellness became my passion during a personal battle that began when I was 18. I enjoy helping others because it fulfills me and I feel like we were put on this earth to help each other in some way. My personal wellness goals are to run in a 100 mile race before I’m 40 and just to stay happy and grateful for my health and what I have. My proudest accomplishment related to fitness has been helping someone learn to walk again after years of being unable.

Anna Gonzalez

Anna Gonzalez

Wellness Specialist

Joined Baird Wellness Center: 2021

B.S. in exercise science, certified group fitness instructor, American Red Cross lifeguard certification

Aquatic group fitness

Everyone has a passion that drives them forward in life. My passion, simply put, is helping people to better themselves and make life a little simpler. This passion led me to a career in wellness. So far, through my aquatics classes, I have been able to help residents improve their overall strength, flexibility and balance. With time, I hope I am able to help more people.

Gabe Bogutskie

Gabe Bogutskie

Wellness Specialist

Joined Baird Wellness Center: 2022

B.S. in exercise science from Bloomsburg University, served six years in the U.S. Army Engineer Corps

Strength training and muscle development

My passion started as a teenager finding an outlook through wellness and exercise. I have seen how the benefits of being healthy affected my family and the people close to me. I decided to take my knowledge to the next level and earn my bachelor’s in exercise science. My personal accomplishments are being the first one in my family to attend college and apply my degree to help the ones closest to me.